The main objectives of the project will be:

A preliminary operational validation by means of a Prototype built at the University of Birmingham during the framework of a UK Defense Technology Centre programme. Initial tests will be carried out on this prototype to extract a complete set of validated, laboratory-proven system requirements for the innovative Passive Coherent Location (PCL) system, and gather preliminary experimental data made available to project to test the developed processing techniques.

The study, development and testing of innovative processing techniques for maritime moving target detection and localization by means of PCL systems exploiting GNSS as opportunity transmitters in order to provide Maritime-MTI (Moving Target Indication) capabilities.

The industrial design of a final Product, made up of a ground based receiver for coastal monitoring, while a different receiver can be placed on a stratospheric balloon (or on other kind of aerial mobile platform, such as UAV) to assure open sea surveillance. The primary task of this system is to detect and localize ships. This can be done using a single Galileo satellite and a single receiver. However, such a system offers the unique possibility to exploit multiple Galileo satellites and several receivers, whose outputs may be combined for an essential improvement in performance. 

The development of a Demonstrator, i.e. a more advanced prototype fulfilling a subset of the Product requirements, in order to validate the innovative PBR techniques developed in this project. The general product that will be the focus of spyGLASS project design, consists of the following main items:

  • A coastal receiver (to monitor coastal areas, with a proper hardware, software and firmware);
  • A mobile receiver (located in a vehicle for surveillance of hot spots or on aerial devices, to guarantee wide coverage in open sea);
  • Software platforms for the centralized analysis of data, installed at Command Centres.

About spyGLASS



Contract Number:


GALILEO-2-2014 – Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) based EGNSS applications

36 months (01/01/2015 - 31/12/2017)

Project Type:
Innovation Action

Scientific Officer: 
Manuel Lopez-Martinez

Project Leaflet: 
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